Parents…the (unwinged) angels!!!

Parents holding child's hands

There is something comforting about having your loved ones around you… just the sheer presence of your parents (in the same living space) around you is enough….somehow the same place which was cold and small, starts feeling warm and welcoming…

You do not even have to talk…their presence is enough….what is it about parents…How can they love you unconditionally?

This doesn’t mean that we don’t fight or argue…there are numerable tensions and difference of opinions….but they can just make our lives worthwhile…

The sad thing is we only realise this when they are not around us….like me….I do not live with my parents….and whenever we meet…my father and I always have heated arguments…always…but the moment we are not together, a part of me feels lost…a bit of me switches off…

Even though technology has connected worlds and they are just phone-call away or as close as skype can bring…but the physical presence helps… (and this is coming from someone who is not the hugging/kissing types) but still… their aura just completes you…

The biggest of problems in life seem nothing once they come to your rescue…they are the only ones who can truly burn the midnight oil to make you smile…. (What brings them the joy the when they buy something that means precious to their child?)

Like, the father will go that extra mile to ensure that he brings in the best for his daughter…he will toil and struggle to see that small face of his child light up when he meets his demands….He is the best wall that can ever exist to shield his children away from any harm…

How is it that parents do so much when they know in return they may get nothing but either flack or maybe disrespect…perhaps even aloofness…What is it that keeps them going? How do they never ever give up on us? They are the most sensitive people when it comes to their kids and at the same time they are the strongest protection to them.

I was my grand-dad’s blue-eyed girl….I remember the day when I lost him….I was in excruciating pain…and am sure my parents would have been miserable too…but I still recollect and vividly at that…the way my dad wrapped his arms around me….he just cocooned me from all the ache…it was like he just pulled out all the sadness from my life…

When I was a child…I used to be afraid of the big screen… theaters used to scare me….he would explain things to me…just make me sit in his lap….and I would be okay…

Even today…when am in the middle of some trouble or when I find my faith dwindling…. all it takes it is for me to be better is to talk to my dad and hear him say the most magical words there can ever be….“I am there na, don’t worry”…and the pool of black clouds seem to disappear….the problem becomes smaller than a droplet of water….than any grain of sand…

My mum (am sure am talking for all mothers) has shed more tears than I have….she has lived my hurts….my pains….my illnesses more….and yet she is stronger….ever smiling….ever beaming…the eternal hopeful angel who shall ever be. She is always acutely aware of the emotions and sentiments I am living/experiencing…. (How???) Her motherly instincts never seize to surprise me.

Thanks to my parents that I’ve had the wonderful childhood I had. They provided me with soulful, enriching memories….moments which have left me with lucid remembrances of my colourful and vibrant life… made me the person I am today…

Even though am so called ‘independent’…I know (in my honest moments) that I stand stronger because my parents are around to back me up….to pull me if I ever fall…to make me feel loved and wanted…to wipe away the tears of failure and tell me, “it’s okay!!!”

Perhaps am one of those soppy kids who find recluse in the vicinity of their parents…but I am continuing to learn how difficult…perhaps even downright impossible and thankless it is to be them…

How do parents manage that???

My parents tell me it is priceless and extremely rewarding.

… and I find myself pondering how I ever got so lucky….


About moodsnmoments

Am a person with ambitions and dreams…though I try to keep a practical approach towards life at all times but in my hearts of heart…am a dreamer… Am just someone who can be described to be made of memories and phrases…someone who lives life in each day and in many phases!!!! Though am a people’s person, I enjoy my own space and often like to get lost in the throes of reading, music and movies. Travel, whether actually being able to do so or even to learn about new places, consumes me. Even in the darkest of hours, when things seem to be going haywire, the little voice within me never ever gives up on hope. A firm believer of ‘ask and you shall get it…but just ask’ is one which keeps me going!!!!
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6 Responses to Parents…the (unwinged) angels!!!

  1. maimu93 says:

    Hi Moonsnmoments, I can totally relate to your feelings in this post. I also live far away from my parents at the moment, and I really miss them a lot. When I was at home with them, I used to have fights and debates with them. But when i’m overseas and alone, I realise how wonderful they are, and nothing is better than listening to your dad and mum’s voice in skype after a long day.

    • oh yes, a word from them, even from a thousand miles, takes away all the pain and the tiredness…and the fights and the arguments – i think they are a different form of love 😉
      i know you will understand my feeling here too 🙂

  2. J-Bo says:

    You are lucky to have good parents! I do too. I am a therapist so I hear a lot of hearbreaking stories about parents who are not loving or supportive, so it really makes me appreciate mine more!

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