Addicted to friends



I admit, I am addicted;
insanely attached and habituated.

Am obsessed, I shamelessly confess,
needing them at every step of my life’s progress.

They are my friends or my soul they seem to be;
adding colours to my life, making it more meaningful and pretty.

My friends are my pillars of strength, my valour, my encouragement;
the ones I cry with, share my joys with and resentments.

Through heartaches and failures, we’ve grown together;
even though older, we’re not much wiser.

I have to tell them everything with as much drama as possible,
sharing every detail, recreating the scene and narrating with zeal.

Just telling them about the smallest of things,
brings in a new flavour, adds a zing.

We do not spend the same amount of time like before,
do not even see each other for years but pick up like life never took off.

Many a times, still today, a snatch of an old song, or the passing visual of a memory faint
Sometimes, I hear the sound of a gaggle of laughter and can almost touch them again.

Making each minute and every moment special,
their contribution to my life is irreplaceable.

They are the ones who have made me the person I am,
keeping faith in my abilities, telling me I can.

They show me the person I want to be,
they raise me to the person I can be.

These people are my definition of happiness;
they are the ones who own me.

They are my forever, my constant
my pride, my check, my confidence.

These people, who I call my friends,
complete me, complete my universe.


About moodsnmoments

Am a person with ambitions and dreams…though I try to keep a practical approach towards life at all times but in my hearts of heart…am a dreamer… Am just someone who can be described to be made of memories and phrases…someone who lives life in each day and in many phases!!!! Though am a people’s person, I enjoy my own space and often like to get lost in the throes of reading, music and movies. Travel, whether actually being able to do so or even to learn about new places, consumes me. Even in the darkest of hours, when things seem to be going haywire, the little voice within me never ever gives up on hope. A firm believer of ‘ask and you shall get it…but just ask’ is one which keeps me going!!!!
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8 Responses to Addicted to friends

  1. this one made me cry! Great work friend!

    • It makes me cry and smile at the same time …silly but I know you will know what I mean 🙂
      thank you friend, it is great to have people understand you and relate to you…thanks again.

  2. dawntodusk10 says:

    I love the poem… I feel I can relate to it so well… makes me appreciate my friends and the time I have with them so much!

    • That’s the thing about friends – they make us appreciate the time! Isn’t that wonderful. It makes us wanting to be with them even more.
      Thank you so much for your encouragement. Am glad that you could relate to it.

  3. andy1076 says:

    Relationships come and go but friends will never fail to make you smile, love it 🙂

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