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Am a person with ambitions and dreams…though I try to keep a practical approach towards life at all times but in my hearts of heart…am a dreamer… Am just someone who can be described to be made of memories and phrases…someone who lives life in each day and in many phases!!!! Though am a people’s person, I enjoy my own space and often like to get lost in the throes of reading, music and movies. Travel, whether actually being able to do so or even to learn about new places, consumes me. Even in the darkest of hours, when things seem to be going haywire, the little voice within me never ever gives up on hope. A firm believer of ‘ask and you shall get it…but just ask’ is one which keeps me going!!!!

Would I want to be reborn as a woman?

Would I want to be reborn as a woman…hmmm, would I want a beard on my face???? Would I want to lose half my hair by the time I am 50??? …no I wouldn’t but I would like to have the freedom….. Continue reading

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Happiness is …

Happiness is… coming home after a long day and finding your favourite meal is cooked for dinner walking in the rain spending hours chatting with your best friend seeing a child smile at you listening to good music the feel … Continue reading

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Turkey – marriage of the East with the West

Time and again, I have often felt the need to disconnect and once again when this thought besought me, I took off – this time, smitten by the ruins of the Ottoman and Byzantian Empire, I visited Turkey to experience the unique blend … Continue reading

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Just unmarried, no sinister!

My parents, my family, my well-wishers, my friends Today I want to ensure our love lost ends. The reason why we have gone apart Is the hurt caused even though we had each other’s best at heart. You want me … Continue reading

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And death became her

My closest friend committed suicide when we were barely 20. I often visit her; visit us; living the moments that we spent together and creating the moments that we may have lived in our older age. A decade has passed … Continue reading

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Addicted to friends

  I admit, I am addicted; insanely attached and habituated. Am obsessed, I shamelessly confess, needing them at every step of my life’s progress. They are my friends or my soul they seem to be; adding colours to my life, … Continue reading

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The stork cometh

Just one of those days when I was working till late at night, on a presentation, and I get this messenger alert from a very close friend. Ofcourse, it is a welcomed distraction. We are generally chit-chatting and not even … Continue reading

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