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The power of social media

‘I am supporting Anna Hazare, if you do too, then post this as your status message.’ In my 500-odd friend-list on FB, there are approximately 350 people who have extended their support to Anna Hazare. The people who came out … Continue reading

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What’s in a name????

What’s in a name???? My second blog comes much quicker than I thought it would…I wrote my first blog (or article then) before creating a webpage. So after I finished penning down my thoughts, I sheepishly circulated it amongst my … Continue reading

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With or without you ‘FB’

With or without you ‘FB’ Facebook, twitter, blogs…what are they…They are our human representatives…our new friends..our companions!!!! In earlier days we had our families, our friends to share with…but now, in this so-called jet-age, we only have time for the … Continue reading


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